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In Electric BMW i3, Hopes for a Stylish Future of Green

¶ When the BMW i3 finally rolls out this year in Europe and next year in North America, it will undoubtedly turn heads, but it is also very different in that it is designed to cash in on the space, handling and design that an electric drive train and ultra light carbon fiber body allow.
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The BMWi3 at the Frankfurt motor show in September. The car, which will sell for about 35,000 euros in Europe and $46,000 in the United States, utilizes technology that makes it both a better car to drive and an easier car to produce using renewable energy and recycled materials.

¶ But the futuristic look and feel of the car will probably be the most important factors in convincing drivers that it is stylish to drive green.

¶ “The kind of person who is environmentally conscious wants people to notice that their car is different,” said Mike Omotoso, an industry forecaster.

¶ Unlike other mass-produced electric cars similar to or based on already existing gasoline-drinking cousins, the BMW i3, which will sell for about €35,000 in Europe and $46,000 in the United States, is designed from its wheels on up to be not only emissions-free in use and production, but also to convey the concept of a clean and green future.

¶ The spacious and open passenger module features large windows and an optional sunroof.


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