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Got your LEAF, now what?

One of the first things any new LEAF owner should do is sign up for charging networks and get the RFID member cards. Some networks have a ‘debit’ style approach, while others record your card info in your account and charge you based on usage. Others still are free for members, just need the card to activate the charger.

Network Charging

Blink is one of the most common networks used in the Seattle area; you’ll find Blink chargers at Fred Meyer and various paid parking structures. They have a reputation for being somewhat unreliable compared to the others, however; there are an unfortunate number of Blink stations that get reported as having outages or issues. Blink Network members receive a free credit-card sized RFID membership card necessary for unlocking the chargers to use them. Members may charge free at some stations, but most level 2 stations charge members about $1/hr for charging, which is paid through your Blink account.  Non-members can still use credit cards or guest access to charge at a slightly increased rate.

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