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Fulfilling the Rio+20 Promises: Reviewing Progress since the UN Conference on Sustainable Development

NRDC has just launched a new report highlighting significant progress on many of the key “voluntary commitments” made at the June 2012 Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development. In the report, NRDC calls for recognition of these non-globally-negotiated commitments as the critical “means of implementation” in the current UN process to define the post-2015 development agenda and for the strengthening of transparency and accountability around these commitments.

Rio20cover.jpgWritten with Stakeholder Forum, our report, entitled “Fulfilling the Rio+20 Promises: Reviewing Progress since the UN Conference on Sustainable Development”, represents a first-of-its-kind civil society assessment of progress toward some of the key commitments made at Rio+20. The report features two sections: one written by Stakeholder Forum on progress toward key negotiated outcomes of the conference, and the other written by NRDC on some of the “cornerstone” voluntary commitments made at the conference.

At Rio+20, NRDC launched the Cloud of Commitments website to call attention to various commitment registries and platforms where Presidents, Prime Ministers, Mayors, CEOs, and civil society leaders made pledges to take action on a full range of sustainability challenges. Our report highlights the significance of the more than 700 voluntary commitments launched at the conference worth more than $500 billion. We found that the UN has made progress in creating a framework for these commitments, which now includes more than 1,400 commitments worth more than $630 billion — the equivalent of nearly 1% of yearly global GDP in total.


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