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From Nissan Leaf To Tesla Model S: The Big Electric-Car Jump

With more than a dozen plug-in cars on the market in California, this was the year we decided it was time to trade up–and swap one electric car for another.

Since March 2011, our household fleet has consisted of a 2011 Nissan Leaf and a 2011 Chevrolet Volt.

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We took delivery of our Leaf in February 2011, and over the next two-plus years recorded more than 16,000 trouble free miles.

The big jump

But with the consistently positive reviews of the upscale Tesla Model S, this year we decided to make the big jump to that car. Our home delivery and first drive came on July 9 of this year.

We now have about 5,000 miles on our Model S, and it recharges each night in our home garage using a Coulomb Level 2 charger that was first installed for our Volt. We now recharge the Volt on 110-Volt power each night.

So our previous combination of the Leaf and Volt has now become a combination of the Model S and the Volt.

2011 Leaf: learning experience

The Leaf was a solid first effort, but the 2011 models were–sadly–something of a learning experience both for Nissan and for early-adopter buyers.


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