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Free electric car charge points offer in Edinburgh

householders are being urged to get free electric car charging points installed in their homes – after it emerged just nine people have taken up the offer in Edinburgh.

Transport Scotland currently pays for power points to be installed at the homes of people who have bought hybrid or fully electric-powered cars.

However the green scheme – introduced in autumn last year, and set to continue until 2015 – has only seen a handful of people take up the £5000 offer.

Transport experts have warned the push towards electric car power is likely to fail –unless charging points become more widespread and the cost of expensive eco-motors themselves is brought down.

Consultant John Curtis, former head of low carbon vehicles and fuels at Transport Scotland, said: “The truth is the majority of people couldn’t actually care less about electric cars right now. They just want something that’s quick and easy.

“Nissan, Honda and all of the major manufacturers are seeing that take-up rates for electric vehicles are much slower than they had hoped. Partly that’s due to the cost, but greatly that’s due to apathy.”


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