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Ford enjoys leap in electric car sales share |

Ford’s focus on the electrified car market has seen its sales share leap: as it grasped 14.7 per cent of the US market during the first nine months of 2013, up from 7.3 per cent during 2012.
Whereas in 2012 Ford sold just 35,719 electric cars out of the total of 487,480 sold for the year, from January-September 2013 its electric car sales have climbed to 67,332 units out of the 457,054 total sold.
The figures highlight how Ford has progressed its development in the sector. 2012 was seen as a transitional year for the company as it phased out the Ford Escape Hybrid and only the Ford Fusion Hybrid and MKZ Hybrid enjoyed a full year of sales. The Ford Focus Electric did not go on sale until June, the Ford C-MAX Hybrid in September and the Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid in October. Meanwhile, the Ford Fusion Energi was not released until February 2013.


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