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Entrepreneur stops in Amarillo to promote electric vehicles

Bruce Brimacombe ironically sees the open road as the cure for the range anxiety he believes is keeping Americans from buying electric vehicles.

“Nobody’s going to buy them unless they can travel in them,” said Brimacombe, CEO of GOe3, an Arizona company working to build an “electric highway” of vehicle charging stations along interstates nationwide.

The network GOe3 is setting up will include a station at Amarillo’s Big Texan Steak Ranch, which Brimacombe and his team recently visited on a cross-country trip to promote the project, Big Texan Co-owner Danny Lee said.

The company is using the tour, and a docudrama being filmed of the trip, to raise GOe3’s visibility to investors. As envisioned, the GOe3 electric highway is a $500 million project, Brimacombe said.

“We need to be at the forefront of this,” Lee said. “I just keep thinking about the possibilities of electric cars going down the road.”

Industry analysts agree with Brimacombe that shoppers look past electric vehicles in part due to their limited range and high price. Currently, cars powered solely by batteries make up just 0.3 percent of U.S. sales, according to Tom Libbey, lead North American car analyst for the Polk automotive research firm.


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