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Electric vehicle and solar power applications for PBT and PA

DuPont (Europe: Geneva / Switzerland; has been showcasing high-flow and flame retardant materials for automotive and solar applications at K2013 in Düsseldorf / Germany.

A recent addition to the company’s “Crastin” range of hydrolysis-resistant PBT resins achieves a comparative tracking index (CTI) rating of 600V, making it suitable for application in hybrid and electric vehicles. The CTI rating is used industry-wide to measure the electrical breakdown (tracking) properties of an insulating material.

The resin brings improved component safety and adds melt stability for better processing and greater moulding productivity, said. The new family – HR HFS – allows designers to make components with thinner walls and has had its first application with Korea Electric Terminal (Incheon City / South Korea;, which has selected “Crastin” HR HFS for its 20A 3P and 200A 2P high voltage shield connectors. The 20 A three-pin model is used to connect power to auto compressors and electronic control units, while the larger 200 A unit connects auto battery packs and inverters.


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