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Electric highway links Luton to Leeds | Business Weekly | Technology | Biotechnology | Business news | Cambridge and the East of England

London, Luton, Leicester and Leeds are now linked for electric vehicles (EV) after green energy company Ecotricity and EV market pioneer Nissan installed new fast-chargers all along the M1 motorway.
Powered with 100 per cent renewable energy from the wind and the sun, the Electric Highway fast-chargers allow EVs (such as Nissan’s all-electric LEAF) to re-fuel in 20 to 30mins or about the time it takes to have a cup of coffee – matching the so-called ‘dwell-time’ that motorists tend to spend at motorway services, according to industry research.
Ecotricity founder, Dale Vince, said: “The growth of the Electric Highway across British motorways has just kicked into overdrive; we’ve added 20 fast-chargers in the last month alone and will continue at this rate until April next year.”
There are now nine fast-chargers at five Welcome Break service stations along the M1 corridor beginning at London Gateway in Edgeware and including motorway services at Milton Keynes, Leicester, Derby and Sheffield plus the option of South Mimms on the M25.


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