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Electric Car Tops Automobile Sales List in September

Last month 12.168 brand new cars were registered in Norway. The model selling most was the electric car Tesla Model S.
Electric Car Tops Automobile Sales List in September
Tesla Model S was the most selling car in September 2013. Photo : James Lipman/Tesla Motors
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Electric Car Tops Automobile Sales List in September
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Tesla sold 616 cars getting 5.1 % of the marked in September. The electric car is put in the same class as the exclusive models like BMW M6 and Aston Martin Rapide with sales prices starting at 449.000 NOK.

Because of the Norwegian tax rules Model S is relatively cheap compared with other cars in Norway. In other countries the car is considered as luxury model.
Electric cars on top

The 7th most selling model in September is another electrical car Nissan Leaf selling 349 pieces. New cars sales increased with 9.3 % compared with the same month last year. Cars with diesel engine went down to 50.9 % compared to 59.5 % last year. It was registered 1.044 electric cars and that is an increase of 79.1 % from last year giving electric cars 8.6 % of the marked.
The ten most selling cars in September 2013

1. Tesla Model S: 616 cars (5.1 %)

2. Volkswagen Golf: 561 cars (4.6 %)

3. Toyota Auris: 511 cars (4.2 %)


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