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Electric car charger sales set to top 4.3 million by 2022

Research firm Navigent predicts rapid growth in the market from around 64,000 public charging points available worldwide today

By Danny Bradbury

03 Oct 2013

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There are now around 64,000 public electric vehicle charging points worldwide, according to new data from Navigant Research – and it may be having an effect on the driving habits of plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) owners.

The firm’s Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Tracker 3Q13 report says that the market for electric vehicle chargers has been driven by growing sales of plug-in electric vehicles in key regions, and that dependency is now shifting from government to private investment, leading to more streamlined business models.


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The figures are timely. Ford announced statistics from its MyFord mobile app last week. The aggregated data from the app (which monitors vehicle usage) shows that the number of all-electric trips for plug-in hybrid vehicles increases by around 50 per cent after the first six months of ownership. It puts this down to improved driving habits, and the rapid spread of charging infrastructure.


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