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Cummins, GM, Nissan and Shorepower Recognized for Reducing U.S. Oil Dependence

Securing America’s Future Energy recently recognized Cummins Westport Inc., General Motors, Nissan, and Shorepower Technologies as the winners of its Advanced Technology Award for their leadership in driving fundamental improvements to America’s energy security.

All four of these companies have groundbreaking technologies already established and in the marketplace that are making meaningful contributions to reducing U.S. oil dependence.

These technologies include:

Cummins Westport Inc. developed spark-ignited natural gas engines capable of running on both compressed or liquefied natural gas which offsets the use of diesel fuel in medium and heavy-duty truck and bus applications. Cummins Westport has sold over 35,000 natural gas engines worldwide since 2001.

General Motors Company is reducing American gasoline consumption by developing the first commercially available plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, the Chevy Volt. Since its release in 2011, almost 50,000 Volts have been sold. Chevy Volts on the road today have driven over 280 million miles on electricity, accounting for 15 million gallons of gasoline saved. GM also produces the all-electric Chevy Spark EV.

Nissan has developed the first global commercially available battery electric vehicle for the mass market, the Nissan Leaf. Since its release in December 2010, more than 35,000 Leaf vehicles have been sold in the United States alone.


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