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Colorado keeping track of electric car owners

KUSA – Thousands of Coloradans received a letter from the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles in an attempt to find out who owns an electric plug-in vehicle.

That’s because new legislation goes into effect on January 1, 2014. House bill 13-1110 requires electric car drivers to pay a new fee of $50 a year. The fee will go towards helping to fund public roads, which is usually collected through a gas tax. Electric cars don’t use gasoline.

“The $50 annual fee is really to make it equal across all playing fields,” Colorado Department of Revenue spokesperson Daria Serna said. “[It] is to help fix highways and roads – just like we do with the gas tax.”

Some of the fee will also go towards a grant fund.

“That’s going to be parceled out to different local jurisdictions so they can add electric motor vehicle – or electric plug-in stations,” Serna said.

But first Colorado has to figure out who owns an electric car – and the state can’t tell just by looking up the VIN number.


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