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CleanCharge And ChargeNow Demonstrate Charging Network Roaming

BMW and CleanCharge want people to understand an electric car is not limited to be driven only its own country, but can be charged across provider lines and national borders.

This was demonstrated yesterday, October 29, by the BMW Group and the Danish charging infrastructure operator CleanCharge in the course of a showcase event taking place in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen.

The initiation of the charging session carried out at a Danish charging station via ChargeNow, the public charging service offered by BMW i, was made possible through Hubject GmbH’s eRoaming platform, which went live in May 2013. The demonstration showed there is a turnkey solution for a Europe-wide network of charging infrastructures.

The electric car charged during the showcase event was the new BMW i3, which will be launched at the end of this year.

Nils Dullum, the CEO of CleanCharge, supports the implementation of cross-provider charging in Scandinavia and declared “on behalf of EV users we need to get all market partners in Europe excited about convenient cross-provider and cross-border charging. As part of this initiative CleanCharge supports the eRoaming-based interconnection of charging stations and a free development of the market.”


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