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Chevy Spark EV Expands to Europe and Korea

The Chevrolet Spark is an international car, designed by General Motors in Korea, and the company intends to sell the plug-in electric version of it there, as well as in Europe.

I know what you’ve been thinking, given GM’s low-key relationship to its only battery vehicle so far, but the Spark EV (82 miles of electric range, 119 MPGe) is proving far more than a compliance car. The company signaled it’s really interested in moving this battery-only product by offering the Spark on a $199 a month three-year lease, just like Nissan, Fiat and Honda ($259, but with a free charger thrown in). The Spark EV purchase price is still high, at $27,495.

Ultimately, the Spark EV is not a “pump and dump” exercise. GM wants it to get some traction, and is working on other members of the EV family to complement it.
Korea on the Move

So why sell the Spark EV in Korea? Because the market there is really serious, with subsidies that can amount to a third of the purchase price. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, plug-in hybrids and battery EVs together could make up nine percent of Korean auto sales by 2020, and 22 percent by 2030. And because it’s a big auto market, we’re talking about four million sales by that latter date. The Korean government has a target of producing 1.2 million “environmentally friendly” cars and trucks by 2015,


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