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California Has the Most Electric Car Charging Stations of Any State

Cerritos, CA, October 10, 2013 — California has garnered a reputation for leading the nation in alternative energy solutions, and this is readily apparent by the large number of residents who have purchased electric or hybrid vehicles. The state’s infrastructure as it relates to these eco-friendly vehicles has embraced this trend: California has become the nation’s leader in providing public electric car charging stations.

As of July 25, 2013, the Golden State boasts 1,413 locations where drivers of electricity-powered vehicles can recharge their engine batteries. Not only does this put California at the top of the list in this category, but the figure is almost three times higher than the count in Texas, which has the second-highest number of car charging stations. In fact, it’s greater than the amount of electric car charging stations in the Texas (482), Florida (388), and Washington (360) combined.

This designation is important because California is by far the number-one market for electric or hybrid vehicles in the nation. With the large proliferation of charging stations that are open to the public, electric car owners usually don’t have to worry about being caught in an area that does not provide a power source for their electric powered vehicles. This may make the idea of owning and driving an electric or hybrid vehicle more attractive.

“Green” Drivers May See Insurance Rate Volatility

Along with helping the environment, one interesting bit of data is people that drive “green vehicles” may tend to be better than average drivers. As a result, insurance companies may consider adjusting rates for drivers of green vehicles. On the flip side, however is an interesting dichotomy for hybrid or electric vehicle owners in that replacement parts and servicing of green vehicles are both typically more expensive than standard automobiles.

“These two opposing forces could create some level of rate volatility for green drivers when they begin to look to insure their vehicles,” said Mark Ribisi, President and CEO of Auto Insurance Specialists. “While some insurance companies may tend to view them as better than average drivers, they also have to calculate the added cost of repairs involved if a hybrid or electric car is involved in an accident.”



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