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Boulder, Denver green leaders to speak at investor summit

Several speakers from Colorado will be featured when the 24th annual SRI Conference takes place at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs on Oct. 28. The major national event is organized by Colorado Springs-based First Affirmative Financial Network.

Speakers from Colorado include:

Blake Jones, president and CEO, Namaste Solar lives in Boulder. Jones left his job with Halliburton/Brown & Root to build renewable energy projects in Nepal and later co-founded Namaste Solar using a unique business model that includes democratic decision-making, a 4:1 total pay cap, donating 20 percent of after-tax profits to charity, and 100 percent transparency with all company information, including salaries. At The SRI Conference, Jones will help lead the plenary: “Redesigning Capitalism: Transformative Ownership that Works.”
Jerry Tinianow, chief sustainability officer, for the city of Denver, works on ensuring that critical resources, including water and affordable power, are available and affordable to everyone, now and in the future. At The SRI Conference, Tinianow will help lead the session: “Sustainable Cities: Incubators for Globally Competitive Businesses.”
Doug Arent is executive director of the Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden. Arent specializes in strategic planning and financial analysis competencies; clean energy technologies and energy and water issues; and international and governmental policies. At The SRI Conference, Arent will join a discussion called “Hydrofracking 2013: Ongoing Challenges & Emerging Issues for Investors.”
Woody Tasch, founder and chairman of Boulder-based nonprofit Slow Money, works to catalyze the flow of investment capital to small food enterprises and to promote new principles of fiduciary responsibility to support sustainable agriculture and the emergence of a restorative economy. Tasch is chairman emeritus of Investors’ Circle. Previously, Tasch was treasurer of the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation. At The SRI Conference, he will help lead a discussion on impact investing, “Highlighting Innovations in Impact Investing.”


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