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BMW X5 Plug-In Hybrid SUV Coming Soon, BMW Exec Confirms

The plug-in hybrid version of the new BMW X5 SUV — referred to previously at the Frankfurt Auto Show as the Concept X5 eDrive — is now close to entering production, according to BMW executive Peter Wolf. The news was announced at the recent official X5 launch in Vancouver, but has been expected for some time now. There’s still no definite time frame announced yet, though.

bmw x5 edrive

Autoblog Green provides more info: “BMW first showed off what it called the Concept X5 eDrive at the Frankfurt Auto Show earlier this month, and the numbers claimed by the company were pretty impressive, with emissions levels the same as a Toyota Prius. The SUV pairs a turbocharged four-cylinder gas engine with an electric motor that can run the vehicle for 19 miles on electricity alone. Most impressively, the powertrain allows the model to get about 62 miles per gallon (per the more lenient European driving cycle) while propelling the car from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than seven seconds.”



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