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Bike+ light hybrid system unplugs the e-bike for a Prius-like ride

Determined to mimic the efficiency-boosting approach of non-plug-in hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius, Italian manufacturer ZeHus has developed a small, lightweight e-bike system that optimizes cyclists’ efficiency. The hub-based unit aims to add exactly the right amount of electric propulsion to create flowing, seamless rides without the huffing, puffing and walking.

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The e-bike systems that we’re used to seeing use large batteries that require external charging, much like plug-in hybrids. Seeking to make a more self-contained system, ZeHus looked to lighter hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius for inspiration, creating an e-bike system that doesn’t need to be plugged in. As in the Prius, onboard hardware such as regenerative braking keeps the battery charged.

The Bike+ system is designed to create a smoother, more efficient bicycle ride. Like a parallel hybrid car, it manages output from its two power plants – the cyclist and the battery-powered electric motor – to maximize efficiency. If you think about the average bicycle ride, there are typically parts of the ride where the cyclist is huffing and puffing slowly uphill, perhaps even walking the bike, and parts where he or she is pedaling along with ease. Bike+’s aim is to smooth out those highs and lows into a more continuous, efficient effort.



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