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Bankrupt Ecotality has deals to sell assets for $4.3 million

Clayton Saffell plugs his Nissan Leaf into a Blink electric car charger. Ecotality installed the charger in Saffell’s Chandler garage.

The bankrupt electric-car charging company Ecotality Inc. has deals to sell its assets for $4.3 million to three separate buyers, according to court records.

The firm, which filed bankruptcy last month in Arizona, had received about $115 million in federal stimulus funds to help pay the cost of installing electric vehicles chargers in several states, and was nearly done with the project when it ran into trouble.

It’s unclear what will happen to the thousands of Blink chargers the company installed, as a new company will take over the business line.

The judge signed the orders approving the sale Friday.

According to a request filed in court by an Ecotality consultant, the company’s auction drew three bids for three different business lines, with the car charging unit drawing the highest price. That business originated in Phoenix. Ecotality moved its headquarters, but not operations, to San Francisco in 2010.

According to the filing, a bidder calling itself “Blink Acquisition” will pay $3.3 million for the Blink Network business line, and take over all liabilities associated with it.

Another company, Intertek, will pay $750,000 for the eTec Labs business, which tests various electric-vehicle equipment for the U.S. government and other customers.

Access Control will will pay $250,000 for the Minit-Charger industrial electric vehicle business, which includes forklifts and airport baggage-handling equipment.


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