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Auto industry cuts the cord on electric car charging

Major stumbling blocks to wireless charging — power loss and slow recharging time — need to be worked out
By Lucas Mearian
October 21, 2013 06:02 AM ET
4 compute

Computerworld – Next year, some manhole covers in New York City will double as wireless-charging stations for electric vehicles equipped with wireless receivers.

Also in 2014, Toyota plans to test a wireless charging Prius in Japan, Europe and the U.S.

Auto electronics giant Delphi has partnered with WiTricity, the first company to create wireless vehicle charging pads, and is developing technology electric vehicles (EVs) that could be used industrywide.

As hybrid and electric vehicles gain popularity, consumers also want them to be as simple to power up as gas-fueled cars and trucks. One way to do that is to remove the charging wires and have the vehicles recharge simply by parking over a wireless charger. Imagine, for example, delivery trucks that never need to refuel because there are “green zone” parking spaces that offer automated wireless charging.

According to research firm IHS Automotive, fast-charging technologies, such as those at WiTricity and New York City-based HEVO, are driving the growth of the electric vehicle charging market.


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