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An Insider’s Look at Plug-In 2013 | The Electric Generation

A few of us from The Electric Generation recently attended the Plug-In 2013 Conference in San Diego, Calif. As expected, the event was extremely informative, with leaders and influencers in the EV sector coming together to discuss a wide variety of topics regarding electric transportation. If you couldn’t attend the conference yourself, don’t fret! We compiled a list of our top five key takeaways from the event.

1. The EV sector of today looks very different than the EV sector during last year’s Plug-In Conference. There’s no denying that the EV industry is continuing to grow and garner support. This was never more evident than when we walked through the exhibition hall. The increased number of EV models on the floor, the variety of chargers, and the plethora of information regarding infrastructure, all demonstrate positive momentum in the EV industry. As recent reportssuggest, the EV industry will only continue to grow, which makes us assume that the EV sector of today will look very different than the EV sector during the Plug-In 2014 Conference.

2. Electricity is powering more than just cars in the transportation sector. When you think of electricity being used as a transportation fuel, you probably think of consumer EVs. But, did you know that electricity is powering a number of other transportation applications? This topic was one of the focuses during this year’s conference. From seaport loading docks to commercial fleets, electricity is transforming business operations across a growing number of industries.

3. There’s no one EV that is king of the mountain. PHEV. BEV. EREV. There are so many different types of vehicles! But, you know what? That’s actually a good thing. As we roamed through the exhibition hall and saw all of the different models and types of EVs, we recognized that variety is key. The truth of the matter is that different vehicles are better suited for certain uses. With more variety, there are more options for consumers, which leads to increased adoption.



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