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A123 and MIT spin-off SolidEnergy work toward 4X energy density batteries

Note – Wanxiang which owns A123 says pointedly it is not owned by the Chinese government. It also is now the largest li-ion industry employer and not unlike GM Ventures, is in process of identifying America’s brightest tech companies, helping and sharing their discoveries. Could a conspiracy theorist go to town with this development? Can’t say. Following is straight news.

On Monday, “technology incubator” A123 Venture Technologies announced it would collaborate with SolidEnergy, an MIT startup, on advanced batteries with up to four times lithium-ion energy densities.

A123 Venture Technologies is a business arm of the revived A123 Systems LLC now owned by the Wanxiang Group and the investment in SolidEnergy’s “transformative solid electrolyte technology” is aiming for win-win pioneering into energy storage for multiple applications.

The companies plan to jointly produce consumer electronics battery prototypes within the next year, followed by electric vehicle battery prototypes, and SolidEnergy staff will also be hosted in A123’s Waltham, Massachusetts development facility


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