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A neutronic Fusion – Propulsion and Power

Aneutronic Fusion has potential to be the energy of our near future. Claiming no ionizing radiation and useful characteristics such as massive propulsion with very little fuel, this novel concept has many proposed designs and is even being researched by NASA.

By definition, Aneutronic Fusion implies fusion with the absence of neutrons or to put it in laymen’s terms, fusion without harmful radiation.

This feat would produce all the benefits of nuclear fusion without any of the negative byproducts. While LENR already claims to achieve this, Aneutronic Fusion promises more benefits because it would be easier to extract energy directly from the reaction. Electrons would be easily harvested directly from the process as well as some design concepts that would make space propulsion so efficient that a trip to mars would take 7 days and require less fuel mass than it takes you to drive to your local super market.


NASA’s aneutronic fusion research shows great potential and promises both propulsion and electrical power generation.



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