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A Challenge for Tesla Motors Is an Opportunity for AeroVironment

There are a lot of hurdles for Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA ) , Ford (NYSE: F ) , Nissan, and other automakers trying to sell electric vehicles, or EVs. One of those challenges may be a lot closer to home than we realize. It may be nothing more than your garage’s electric car plug-in, which probably doesn’t exist.

As it stands today, not only do electric-vehicle buyers have to fork over thousands of dollars more than for buying a conventional vehicle, they must also spend at least $1,000 for an electric charger at home. Condo owners and apartment renters face a greater challenge even getting a charger installed.

At least one town is trying to eliminate the home plug-in challenge. The city of Palo Alto, Calif., is requiring new homes to come with electric vehicle chargers. The city is already a hotbed for electric vehicles, and as Tesla Motors’ hometown it also has incentive to go electric.


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