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2013 EV Rally Followup


I have gotten a lot of good feedback from people about our 2013 NPID EV Rally this year and I hope that if you attended the event, it was enjoyable for you also.

This event has grown significantly over the past three years. Organizing this event has become more complicated and some things don’t work out as planned on Rally day. This year, we did not effectively direct people that the free parking for the event was ONLY in Lot A. Some people parked in Lot B and received parking citations.

We take responsibility for this mistake and want to compensate people for the $45 ticket that they received. The ticket allows 21 days to clear by payment or otherwise. I believe we are on day 11 in this period.

We contacted De Anza college police department and there is no simple way for us to pay the parking citations for you through the college. They use an outside collection service so it is not possible to arrange a special payment option.

If you know anyone that received a parking citation, please have them send me a scan or photo of their citation showing the citation number. We will pay each citation individually via the web site as we receive them. You will get confirming email from us when paid.

Several people have already sent photos of their citation to our treasurer or me. Those will be processed in the next two days.

If you have already paid the parking citation, please send the citation number with your address and we will mail you a check. Processing may be slow, perhaps two to three weeks. Sorry, outside our control.

I want to thank those people who already indicated that they would rather not accept payment from EAASV for their tickets. This is not necessary but much appreciated.

I am sure that next year we will be better prepared to manage the parking logistics.

Overall I thought 2013 was the largest EV Rally so far and a great demonstration of how much Electric Vehicles are being accepted by the public.

Thank you for your support,
Tom Sidle
President, Silicon Valley chapter
Electric Auto Association

Source EAASV


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