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Women go for men with green cars, survey finds | MNN – Mother Nature Network

A new survey of 2,000 women judges supercar drivers as ‘arrogant,’ and Toyota Prius or Nissan Leaf owners as ‘conscientious,’ ‘intelligent’ and ‘safe.’
Mon, Sep 30 2013 at 11:57 AM

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The British call Ferraris like this one “bird pullers,” but they’d be better off with a Prius. (Photo: Michelin)

Just bought a bright red Ferrari and think that it will be a babe magnet? Think again. You would have been better off buying a Toyota Prius or a Nissan Leaf.

A new British survey finds that although 48 percent of men think buying an expensive car “made them more attractive to the opposite sex,” the opposite is true. Some 53 percent of women in a poll of 2,000 adults in the United Kingdom labeled the owners of expensive sports cars as “arrogant.” Another 44 percent found them “self-centered,” and 38 percent described them as “a danger on the roads.”


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