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Wireless Charging Technology News: Electric Vehicles To Race In Formula E; Taiwanese-Made Charging Case Introduced For New iPhones | KpopStarz

Demo of Wireless Charging at Tokyo Motor Show 2011 | Photo Source: Njo, Wikimedia Commons
To further boost the way the common motorist see electric cars, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile or the FIA, the governing body of the global motoring organisation, had recently announced plans to have an electric-car racing competition next year. To be called Formula E, the organizers see it as a possible alternative to Formula 1 which, other than providing entertainment, would keep the interest of the industry and the public to electric-vehicle technologies.

Formula E’s chief executive Alejandro Agag said to BBC in a recent interview, “We will make people more inclined to buy an electric car, but this will take time – five or 10 years.”

Qualcomm, a smartphone chipmaker, has already signed a sponsorship for a five-year deal, pledging an undisclosed amount of money to the Formula E championship. The chipmaker will provide wireless-charging and augmented-reality technology for the teams and the viewing public.

Among the products that Qualcomm plans to offer is its wireless vehicle-charging technology, Halo. It is now being developed at the London-based lab of the company. The charging facility will be creating an electromagnetic field, wherein a copper pad is buried in the ground which will then be picked up by a coil built into a vehicle. This, in turn, converts to electricity for the electric car’s battery.



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