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Will The Cadillac ELR Hybrid Bring In Younger Buyers?

Cadillac executives are hoping that the upcoming, two-door ELR plug-in hybrid will help the brand shed its “golden oldie” image the same way the Volt got young people to consider stepping into a Chevy showroom. I could talk about how the ELR addresses the Volt’s shortcomings and its merits as a vehicle, but the car’s “goodness” isn’t the issue — nor is the issue whether or not the car will sell, because it will. At issue here is whether Cadillac’s executives have any idea of what passes for “cool” and “hip” these days.

I addressed this very question last week at Gas2, which is a very different blog from CleanTechnica (even if the subject matter overlaps from time to time). So, with that little “disclaimer” out of the way, here’s my take on the new Cadillac ELR’s chances of attracting a younger audience. Be warned: the word “GILF” is featured prominently.


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