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What Happens When A Tesla Car Crashes?

Having been in the lithium (not lithium-ion, but lithium) battery business myself, I was rather curious about this when we bought our Model S. You may find it interesting to note that every single battery company has had multiple uncontrollable fires and burnt at least one factory entirely to the ground. One battery catches fire, ignites the next one, and pretty soon it’s an epic, frightening, incredibly hot conflagration. Run, do not walk, run fast for your life.

In fact, when building batteries, older factories at least have “bomb box” trap doors in the floor so in the case of an uncontrollable explosion, if there’s time, the cells can be quickly dropped into a bomb box under the floor. Sony SNE -1.14% burnt its first $1 billion+ production LiIon plant entirely to the ground.

So …

Recently, I borrowed my wife’s Model S and was almost immediately sideswiped by a hit-and-run, resulting in our Model S spending several weeks in the Tesla-approved body shop in San Carlos.

There are scores of Model S’s in various states of “accidentness” there. In fact, there’s an entire warehouse there full of crashed-up Teslas in various states of repair.
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