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USA: Leaf Software upgrade

Finally got my 2011 Leaf in for the required software upgrade last week. Before I went in we were seeing a greatly reduced range on the pack. We are very close to 40,000 miles! We have lost 2 bars on the battery status and rarely see much over 70 miles per charge.

The upgrade was done by the newly certified Nissan tech at AutoNation (Bankston). We are happy to report that the accuracy of the mileage has greatly increased and we have gained about 10 more miles in range than before.
We generally charge at night for a full charge. My wife charges during the day, but usually just to refill a portion of the pack for the shorter trips she does. We have the charging cycle set to 100%. Our drive and garage rarely get close to the high temperature, we have lots of shade, so even on the hottest days we are 5-10F cooler. And our neighborhood stays cooler because the houses are farther apart and lots of trees.
If I drive to work and need range I charge on 120 just to gain a few extra miles, if I need it. Usually I wait until I get home.
I still expect to loose another bar on the pack some time in the next year and I will push for a trade for a new model or the warranty pack upgrade. I have already started the conversation with the service guys.


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