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USA: DrivingElectric Up for Adoption or Sponsorship

It’s a year since we launched Now it’s time for another National Plug In Day. Please join in! This time it’s stretched over two days, September 28-29, in over 95 locations in the U.S. and abroad. It’s co-sponsored by Plug In America, the Electric Auto Association, and the Sierra Club.

To catch up on what happened with DrivingElectric in the first six months after last year’s National Plug In Day, see The Future of DrivingElectric from last March, with a June update in the comments below that posting.

Getting “butts in seats” remains widely recognized as one of the best strategies to build awareness and demand for EVs. There’s no substitute for the actual experience of driving a plug-in car. And many people have praised DrivingElectric as a great way to connect people curious about plug-ins with those who drive them daily and wear the EV smile.

In 2012, we received our original funding mainly from The Electrification Coalition, the Electric Auto Association, and CalCars, and then got a second infusion from EC. Regrettably, we haven’t gained the continuing financial support we need to operate and expand DrivingElectric — and thereby demonstrate conclusively that plug-in drivers are helping to sell many cars.


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