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USA: City to install 3 charging stations for electric cars

Toledo’s downtown-dwellers soon will have three new spots to plug in electric and hybrid vehicles — something people with those vehicles say will continue to increase with demand.

The city plans to announce the installation of three charging stations on the west side of Superior Street near Adams Street.

Bill Thomas, executive director of the the Downtown Toledo Improvement District, said the installations are a good move toward making Toledo a greener city.

“I think it’s a great thing to do,” he said. “A lot of people are not buying those cars because they are concerned about where they would be able to charge.”

The three stations will cost $2,400 each, for a total of $7,200. The cost of plugging in a car will be included in the cost of the parking meter charge, city spokesman Jen Sorgenfrei said.

The Downtown Toledo Parking Authority cleared away four meters Monday to make room for the installation, which could start within 10 days.

Real estate broker Jon Modene, who purchased a Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid electric vehicle in February, said the savings have been tremendous. Among his concerns were finding places to recharge the Volt when away from his home — where it is plugged in nightly. A Volt can travel 40 miles on batteries before it needs its gas-powered generator for power. If he had to use the generator frequently, that defeats the purpose of owning a plug-in electric vehicle, Mr. Modene reasoned.


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