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Toyota using DirecTV to aim RAV4 EV ads at tech-savvy viewers

Bloomberg — To reach potential buyers of its all-electric RAV4, Toyota is using an advertising strategy as experimental as the battery-powered crossover car it seeks to sell.

The automaker is working with DirecTV to zero in on would-be customers identified as tech-savvy early adopters in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego, where the $50,000 vehicle is sold. They’re using a new tool that combs satellite-TV subscriber data to help marketers such as Toyota reach narrow slices of consumers, cutting wasted dollars and improving the effectiveness of ads.

“A mass campaign doesn’t make sense,” Dionne Colvin, Toyota’s national media marketing manager, said. “But we do want to get the message out.”

The new technology is known as dynamic advertising, and it reflects a push by U.S. TV networks, cable and satellite carriers and providers of Web-based TV services to help marketers like Toyota connect more directly with audiences. The changes threaten to upend a decades-old system of delivering commercials over TV airwaves to large slices of the population, many of whom have little interest in the products.




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