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The Sustainability Consortium extends its reach to China

Last month, the Sustainability Consortium (TSC) announced its expansion to China. Still in its infancy, the group has successfully stayed under the radar as it worked with its influential members and academic partners to evolve tools and methodologies for standardizing consumer products sustainability.

With research partners playing a critical role in its global ambitions, the group will partner with Nanjing University, one of China’s Top 5 universities, to expand the scope and testing ground for its research. The consortium also appointed a new executive director.

Wei Dong Zhou will set the strategic direction of the consortium’s projects in China. He will draw from more than 20 years of work in the CSR field, including stints with the Chinese government and BSR, along with private sector work related to sustainability management and strategy.

I caught up with Zhou for a preview of the consortium’s immediate plans, his insight of China’s state of sustainability and his plans to align his organization’s ambitions with the economic targets of the country’s private sector.

Aman Singh: Why did you decide to switch from a well-established group like BSR to a research-based — and much younger — organization like the consortium?

Wei Dong Zhou: The consortium provides a great platform for developing product-based sustainability. Also, TSC offers a new approach to use scientific methodology to develop useful tools for companies. This is a very tangible opportunity for business. I am also attracted by the idea of using the combination of academic research and private sector leverage to grow sustainability.


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