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The Rise Of The Electric Car In Germany

Electrified vehicles are more and more on the minds of automakers, particularly in Germany, as we observed from the recent Frankfurt Auto Show a slew of announcements on concept and production models. Now we see a little more as well of the thoughts of automotive leadership around this push, which thus far has amounted in this nation alone to 12 billion euro worth of investment in alternative drivetrain development. To gain more insight, we turn to a recent news release from the German automotive industry highlighting comments on this development market sector.

“Electric driving is no longer a vision, but reality. The automotive future can already be experienced. That is very clear at this IAA,” said Matthias Wissmann, President of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). He was speaking to around 400 international guests at the “Electric Mobility Congress” held at the 65th IAA Cars in Frankfurt. The congress was organised by the VDA in co-operation with other industrial associations (BDI, BDEW, Bitkom, VCI, VDMA and ZVEI). “By the end of 2014, 16 electrified series models ‘Made in Germany’ will be on sale, running on pure battery-electric power or a combination of an electric motor and an internal combustion engine (plug-in hybrid or range extender). The models range from fully electric small cars to medium segment long-distance vehicles and light commercial vehicles, and all the way to sports cars charged with emotion.”

Wissmann added that the German automotive industry was investing 12 billion euro in the development of alternative drive trains over the next three to four years alone.”Here at the IAA you can see that our companies are tackling this technological turning point with enthusiasm and determinedly putting in advance work. The entire German industry is making good progress in exploiting the opportunities provided by electric mobility to benefit Germany as an industrial location,” Wissmann stressed. The rising number of vehicle models was giving electric mobility an extra boost. In the year 2014, he said, tens of thousands of vehicles could be sold – and by the middle of the decade the number might be in six figures.


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