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Tesla (TSLA) Has Delivered Over 500 Model S Sedans In Norway Since August, Beating Nissan Leaf So Far In September: Report

Since it began delivering the Model S to customers in Norway, Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) has been given a bump to its European expansion.
According to data compiled by U.K.-based Automotive Industry Data (AID), the Palo Alto-based luxury electric sedan manufacturer has delivered at least 322 units in Norway in the first half of September. The country’s vehicle registry the OFV reported 185 units sales in August, Tesla’s debut month in Norway.

That means consumers in Europe’s most electric-vehicle-friendly country have purchased more than 500 Model S sedans, giving Tesla a solid start in its Norwegian face-off with the nation’s No. 1 selling electric sedan, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.’s Leaf (TYO:7201).

OFV says electric cars represented 6 percent of the 11,660 new cars the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association said were sold in Norway in August. If Tesla maintains its momentum it could overtake the Nissan Leaf in September. The novelty of Tesla in the country is probably giving the brand a sales bounce.

Norway’s generous incentives for electric car ownership give it a unique spot in Europe’s EV market, which is why Tesla has made it a priority. In addition to government subsidies for EV purchases, green vehicle owners get to ride ferries for free, get free charges at public charging stations (in addition to Telsa’s own Superchargers) and free parking.



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