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Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA): Where Retail Investors Rush In And

By EconMatters It seems every year there are a few momentum stocks defying logic, reality while bleeding all shorts getting in the way. This year, Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) is one such stock which hit $188.64 on Friday, Sept. 27.
Tesla TSLA
Chart Source: Yahoo Finance, Sept. 28,2013

We are talking about a $35ish stock just on Jan. 2, 2013, and the company only reported its FIRST EVER profitable quarter in May. Goldman Sachs (GS) did do a reality check on Tesla’s margin in July, and the stock did go down by $18.21 in one day on July 15. However, a forgiving market with crazy liquidity (thanks to Fed’s infinite QE), investors just blew GS off and the stock never looked back.

Now the latest Tesla warning came from BofA Merrill Lynch dated Sept. 23 — Smart-money big boys are getting out of Tesla, and guess who are the buyers…Retail Investors!


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