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Tesla Model S vs. BYD e6: An unusual test drive mash-up with one clear winner

The Low Carbon Vehicle event, held every year at the Millbrook proving ground in the heart of Bedfordshire, is a must-attend event for green transport aficionados, consultants, and government agencies wanting to improve their fleet’s carbon footprint. As a motoring journalist, LCV is a place to go to make new contacts, line up interviews, and quiz engineers on new technology. It isn’t the place you go to get exclusive first-hand test drives.

Tesla Model S at the LCV Show

This year however, I was lucky to get behind the wheel of not one but two important electric cars coming to the UK this year: the Tesla Model S and the BYD e6. But aside from their fuel type and impressive-looking range statistics, the two cars couldn’t be more different.

Tesla Model S first. Winner of accolade after accolade across the world, the Signature series of the Model S began deliveries to customers in the U.S. in June 2011. At the end of last month, Tesla started deliveries of EU spec Model S cars to customers in the Netherlands, and Norway even has its own Supercharger network switched on to make cross-country trips not only possible, but free to use.

Prior to yesterday, the last and only time I’d sat in a Model S was in October 2011 as a rear-seat passenger in a Tesla Model S prototype during a 2-minute blast around the test track at Tesla’s production facility in Fremont, California.


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