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Tax free motoring for anyone who buys an electric car

Anyone who buys an electric car will get tax-free motoring until at least 2020, ministers have announced.
BMW has joined other manufacturers in offering electric cars
BMW has joined other manufacturers in offering electric cars
David Millward

By David Millward, Transport Editor

12:01AM BST 04 Sep 2013

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The pledge not to charge for a tax disc is a cornerstone of the Government’s drive to consign the internal combustion engine to history by 2050.

In addition to a free tax disc, drivers are also offered a £5,000 grant towards an electric car,

But so far only 4,000 motorists have switched to electric cars, despite models being offered by a number of leading manufacturers including Nissan, BMW, Toyota and Renault.

The package announced by ministers is intended to quicken the pace of electric motoring by tackling a number of the issues which, it is believed, has led to a reluctance of drivers to give up on conventional cars.



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