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Sustainable Community Strategy workshops

The Fresno Council of Governments (COG) held the second of a series of workshops Thursday night, Aug. 29, at Kingsburg City Hall to allow area residents to discuss sustainable growth plans and select a scenario that best fits their region. Three different Sustainable Community Strategy scenarios were presented, with each proposing how the region can grow over time in a way that uses resources in an efficient manner while protecting existing communities, conserving farmland and open space and supporting the regional economy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Those in attendance voted for a scenario using remote devices, and the results were then shown on a screen. This gave an indication as to what area residents and business people considered important on the subject of growth in their particular community. The Fresno COG board will choose a scenario Sept. 26 and will include it in next year’s Regional Transportation Plan.

Scenario A is based on input collected at a community workshop held in Fresno in November 2012. In this scenario, the ratio of metro to non-metro growth would be controlled, with more growth allocated to some small rural communities than had been done so in the past.

Scenario B is based on the general plans, proposed land uses and planning assumptions of the cities within Fresno County. In this scenario, historical trends would be taken into account in growth allocation among cities, and development in Millerton New Town, Friant Ranch and the proposed pharmacy school in Clovis would be included as well.


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