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Renault Is the New Leader in Free Electric Car Charging

Nissan was first to offer free charging. It wasn’t properly advertised, but a LEAF customer could stop at a dealership and get a free charge if there was a charging station available. Tesla Motors then launched its famous Supercharger network with the “free for life” principle. But Renault is now taking the lead with free charging in France.

The brand introduces a network of 875 free chargers in 372 stations all over the country. (See the ZE for Zero Emission dots on large map below.) They’re nowhere near as powerful as the 120-kilowatt DC Tesla Supercharger. They are only AC 22-kW chargers, but their large number and wide distribution outweigh their low power. The stations are inside Renault dealerships, and they’re not totally free as their use is limited to one hour per day at each store. Still, it’s possible to drive cross-country, making a stop every 80 miles (every 100 miles for someone driving very quietly) before going back to the road. America only knows DC for fast charging, but Renault pioneered faster AC charging.


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