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“Recharge Your Batteries” at the Harvest Inn

Arriving at Napa Valley’s Harvest Inn in your electric car? Plug into one of the luxury spot’s new car-charging stations and consider the “Recharge Your Batteries” package, which is on through Dec. 31, 2013.

ON APPROACH: What did you see at the last wine country retreat or bed and breakfast or hotel you visited? Rather, what did you notice when you were on your final approach to the destination? We’re talking along the driveway, in the front yard, on the veranda, around the parking lot. A lot of rustic retreats put some care into first impressions, meaning that a pond with regal swans may be the first thing you see or a porch with a dozen wind chimes (if you’re staying at a funkier getaway). But one thing it is always nice to see, and one rarely sees enough, is a charging station for your vehicle. Yep, you come across them at grocery stores and government buildings around town, but not so often at hotels and B&Bs. Those are really the spots that the electric car owner would love to spy them, because they’ve likely driven a bit to reach the more bucolic bed-down spot (meaning your car is likely ready for a plug-in). Harvest Inn in Napa Valley, though, is now fully charged on the car-charging front, and they’re celebrating with a guest-facing package. The name? Recharge Your Batteries, of course.


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