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PlugShare Launches PlugScore, So Electric-Car Drivers Can Rate Charging Stations

While the quality of gasoline can vary slightly from station to station, you’re always pretty sure of the experience you’ll get. There’s a gas station in most towns, you pump some fuel into your tank, and you’re generally there for no more than ten minutes.

There’s a bit more emphasis on a quality, satisfying experience with electric car chargers, and it’s nice to know what you might be getting before you arrive and plug in.

That’s where PlugScore from Recargo comes in. If you’re familiar with sites like TripAdvisor and their crowd-sourced rating system, then you’ll get the hang of PlugScore quite quickly.

Essentially, it lets you not only find a charging station, but see how others have rated it too. Drivers who use a particular charging station can leave quick reviews and ratings on the PlugScore database, to be accessed by other electric car users on their mobile devices.

“PlugScore takes the guess-work out of picking a charging station and works much like a restaurant rating system,” said Brian Kariger, CEO of Recargo Inc. By aggregating user scores, drivers can assess whether a charging station is right for them before they arrive, and avoid those which are often broken, busy or inconvenient.


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