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Norwegian Researchers Exploring Ways to Reduce Electric Car ‘Range Anxiety’ – EVWORLD.COM

Research focused on improving the range estimation of the electric car using GPS, as well as exploring ways to utilize EVs for goods delivery in Norwegian towns and cities.
Researchers are aiming to remove the electric car market’s biggest problem — the fear of not reaching the next charging station.

Both in Norway and in Europe there is considerable interest in facilitating electric mobility and removing polluting goods and passenger transport from towns. There are critics out there, and European vehicle sales give no cause for rejoicing, since only 0.2 per cent of private cars sold are electrically powered. However, Norway saw a doubling of sales last year, with a total of 4,009 cars, and the number of electric cars on Norwegian roads is now around 11,000.

Simpler charging is also on its way, and thecost-effectiveness of electric goods vehicles and electric buses is being tested on Norwegian roads.

Electric cars call for experienced drivers



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