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Norway loves EVs – colour it green

Electric vehicles accounted for 3% of all new car sales in Norway last year – a number unmatched anywhere else in the world

Norway an automotive hotbed? Well, it certainly seems that way when it comes to electric vehicles (EVs).

Yesterday, outside the Norwegian capital of Oslo, a world record was set when 260½ electric vehicles, including 129 Nissan Leafs and one Half Leaf, were driven in unison. (The Half Leaf is a promotional vehicle with one side cut away to reveal the inner workings.)

The cars followed a set 4 km route and were monitored by two-camera carrying drones to ensure that all of them were moving simultaneously at all times, thus qualifying for the world record. The previous record of 225½ EVs in motion at once was set at the Silverstone race circuit in the UK in 2012.

That bit of record book silliness aside, Norway really is making a statement that it’s Europe’s greenest automotive market.
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