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Nissan Exec: Reliable 125 Miles Of Range Coming To LEAF By 2016

While No Drastic Changes Are Planned For The 2014 MY LEAF, The Same Can Not Be Said For Future Model Years According To Nissan Exec

A lot of things happen at the Frankfurt Auto Show (IAA) this month and a lot was said; but lost in all the hoopla was a Nissan’s exec’s admission that the LEAF would see a range improvement of a reliable 200 km (124.2) miles within the current generational cycle.

“For sure within the current model cycle,” said Andy Palmer – Nissan Executive Vice-President (and product planning boss) at the IAA when commenting on a ‘real world’ 200 km range, “the LEAF was introduced in 2010 and is expected to have a six-year life.”

Who Is Our Favorite “Talky” Exec Now That Mark Parry Has Left Nissan? That Would Be Andy Palmer

Who Is Our Favorite “Talky” Exec Now That Mark Parry Has Left Nissan? That Would Br Executive VP Andy Palmer

It should be noted that while the Nissan LEAF is currently only rated at 75 miles (120 km) in the United States by the EPA, it is wildly overrated at 200 km already in Europe on the useless NEDC standard where these comments were made.

Improvements in range during a current product cycle are actually not without precedent in the electric vehicle industry. But most have been very marginal.

Some slight improvements were seen in the 2013 LEAF, as range moved from a straight 73 miles to a blended 75 miles. Also, the Chevrolet Volt seen an additional .5 kWh added to its battery, and a subsequent range bump from 35 miles to 38 miles as well in 2013.

Mr. Palmer further told Motoring AU at the Frankfurt show that increases in the range was attainable because the density of lithium batteries was improving quickly.


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