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Nissan e-NV200 electric van in ‘final development phase’

Nissan is ready to duplicate the success of its all-electric Leaf with its zero-emissions e-NV200 electric compact van, and the company is on schedule to start selling it to the public next year. The Japanese automaker is now in the “final development phase” for the e-NV200 after trying it out with various commercial companies since 2011. Nissan is also speeding up work on its e-NT400 electric light truck, which the company says has an 87-mile single-charge range.

Nissan first announced production plansfor the electric van in May 2012, saying that it would invest about $125 million in developing the vehicle and that the electric panel van would be manufactured at the company’s factory in Spain. Nissan, which is equipping the van with the same drivetrain as the one in the Leaf, started testing the e-NV200 with FedEx in London in late 2011 and expanded that testing effort to Japan last year.

If the van looks familiar, it’s because the gasoline version was named New York City’s “Taxi of Tomorrow,” i.e. the next-generation version of the largest US city’s standard cab, back in early 2011. That vehicle started production in Mexico last month. Nissan’s press release on the e-NV200 update is available below.


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