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Mitsubishi the first and only automaker to supply Russia with E.V.s

Mitsubishi Corporation and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation have completed the delivery of 70 electric vehicles to Russia, becoming the first and only company to supply the country with E.V.s.

A total of 70 Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicles, or i-MiEV, were delivered to Russia’s Presidential Office through M.M.C. Rus – the country’s exclusive importer and distributor for the brand’s automobiles. The successful completion of the delivery is the very first time that Russia’s Presidential Office has purchased E.V.s, and it is also makes Mitsubishi the only Japanese brand that supplies vehicles to the Russian Presidential Office.

The i-MiEV is a full-electric vehicle that uses less energy than other vehicles that use gasoline. It features an energy-saving “Eco” mode as well as a Regenerative Braking System.

The recent purchase for the 70 E.V.s by the Russian Presidential Office is in line with M.M.C. Rus’ efforts to promote the zero-emission environmentally friendly nature of the E.V. in the country.


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