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Mayor Stanton: Electronic vehicles, sustainability no longer ‘optional nicety’

Committing to preserving the environment, including supporting the use of electric vehicles, is no longer an “optional nicety” for cities, Mayor Greg Stanton said Friday.

“Those cites that are successful in truly building a sustainable culture within their city limits, those are the cities that are going to advance in this international economy,” Stanton said.

Attending an event at which APS and the Arizona Diamondbacks promoted National Plug In Day, Stanton had the chance to ride in a 1915 electric car outside Chase Field.

Observed Sept. 28-29 and organized by the Plug In America, the Sierra Club and the Electric Auto Association, National Plug In Day promotes electric vehicles as a cleaner alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles.

Jeff Guldner, APS’ senior vice president for customers and regulation, said an electric vehicle user can save an average of $125 a month in fuel costs.

“We think electric vehicles are a great bargain to our customers,” he said.

“This is not just good for us but also good for the city,” added Luis Gonzalez, the former Diamondbacks star who now works in the team’s front office.



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